Fair Data Protocol Ecosystem

Your path to Interoperability

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Fair Data Protocol interoperability has several layers, where independence from a data providers open up new opportunities to share and reuse data.

Self Sovereignty

Fair Data Protocol enables developers independence from clouds and data silos by relying on the network of peers to host the data giving end users ultimate control.


Leveraging the properties of Swarm decentralized storage, popular content gets hosted on more nodes and a level of redundancy exists as property of the network.

Fair Data Protocol Toolkit

FDP Play
The entry point for developers to start building with FDP - a CLI tool to spin up local development FDP environment with Docker. It includes a Bee cluster, FairOS instance and blockchain node. The GitHub code and instructions are here.

This browser extension based on Fair Data Protocol serves as a framework for FDP developers and an environment for Web3 users acting as their user agent allowing Single Sign On. It provides complete traceless Web3 browsing and is the first user facing application of FDP. You can access the GitHub documentation here.

FDP Storage
FairOS implementation in JavaScript. You can access the GitHub here.

FDP Contracts
Contracts used in development, including BMT contracts and ENS contracts.

BMT Contracts - Swarm hashes can be verifiable on chain via Binary Merkle Trees. Fair Data Protocol has a full data function and coordinating JS library to support this. You can access the GitHub documentation here.

ENS Contracts - A reserved ENS name with an associated ETH address is used for Fair Data Protocol accounts. You can access the GitHub documentation here.

FDP Processor Library
Beeson - A Blockchain-verifiable, extensible encapsulation for schema-based object notation in Swarm. You can access the GitHub documentation here.

FairOS Connect
A set of convenience components that can be included in dApps to support FairOS. These components were used in the reference Fairdrive App. You can access the GitHub here.

Customize Blocks


FairOS is aiming to become a decentralized operating system that manages the resources of the computers in its network, like storage and compute. The nodes that run FairOS will be part of the global network that will run applications which can make use of the storage and compute that is available. It consists of two layers, namely FairOS-dfs (storage) and FairOS-compute (compute). You can access the the documentation here.

FairOS in WASM
FairOS-dfs library in WASM. You can access the GitHub here.


Fairdrive is a dApp that leverages decentralized storage on Swarm. It consists of a typical "Drive" interface with files and folders, making it convenient for end users. You can access the GitHub here.

A decentralized password manager built with FairOS on top of Swarm storage. It can save "passwords" and "notes" and works for desktop and mobile. You can access the GitHub here.